Union Represenatives’ Column

Beware of special favors

Keeping customers happy so they return for more visits is a cornerstone of many company policies. But attempting to use your employee discount card or phone number to help out a customer can backfire and result in discipline or termination.

Although we have seen this happen at many CVS locations, it bears repeating to ALL members of UFCW Local 1428: Don’t jeopardize your job by trying to do favors for a customer!

You may think it’s no big deal to extend a employee discount to a customer, but to your company it matters a lot. Your company has policies regarding discounts that clearly detail who may and may not benefit from them.

If you want to see your customers happy, refer them to your company’s rewards system (if it offers one) and ask them to apply. That way, they might still get a discount and you are keeping them happy while also keeping your job secure.

Special promotions like games and scratch-offs also have strict policies. Please refer to your company’s rules regarding such promotions.

We are devastated to have lost long-term members over what should be using common sense by simply following company policy.

If you are still unclear about what is and isn’t acceptable, contact your union representative.