Make sure you are
being paid correctly!

Now that the hustle and bustle and rush of the holidays are over you may be thinking, well I’m glad I got premium pay for that hard work. But are you sure you were paid correctly?  Do you find yourself thinking “What happened to my Sunday pay?”

We’re happy to help with these questions and make sure you were paid correctly for the work performed. Usually, we can clear up any problems quickly.

It’s a problem, however, when we hear from members who hadn’t been paid correctly for a few years. We can only go back six months in reviewing and correcting past paychecks. These members could lose out on thousands of dollars that should have been paid.

Don’t assume your company will pay you correctly. Just because you clocked in and worked a certain amount of hours in a week, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be paid for those hours.

Nothing is certain or perfect in our world. A technical glitch or other mistake could affect how you are paid.

Check your stubs!

The smart policy is to check your pay stub every week to ensure you are paid for all of the hours you worked. Did you get your Overtime Premium? Did you get your Overnight Premium or your Sunday Premium? And is the information correct for your tax forms? By printing your stubs you can also keep track of your pay progressions and when your next raise is due.

Most companies have gone to paperless pay records, but you still can get a weekly copy for yourself. If you have opted out of receiving your pay stub, speak with your manager or bookkeeper and let him or her know you want to begin receiving your pay stubs again.

Filing away your pay stubs might seem meaningless if you receive your pay through direct deposit or you’ve already deposited your check at your bank, but those little pieces of paper can be critical if you ever have to file a grievance.
If you don’t have a pay stub, we have no quick way to know whether you’ve been paid for all of your hours worked or whether you’ve accrued sufficient hours to qualify for health care or earn vacation time.

Keep track of all of the hours you worked and check your pay stubs on every payday. If you see any discrepancies that you can’t easily correct, contact your Union Rep right away.