Deliana Speights

Open Enrollment reminder!

By Deliana Speights, Secretary-Treasurer

Open Enrollment is the one time of year when you can enroll for the first time for medical benefits, make changes to your medical benefits, and enroll new eligible dependents, such as a spouse or child.

Open Enrollment for your 2024 benefits is now and ends Dec. 31. It is imperative to act now!

Don’t forget to participate! If you miss the Open Enrollment period, you must wait until the next Open Enrollment window, which is another year away, in order to make changes to your benefits (in most circumstances).

The union negotiates these benefits in your contract so you can take advantage of them. This is the time to make changes such as signing up your spouse for coverage if you’re recently married or adding a new baby as a dependent.

Visit to sign in and begin your Open Enrollment or call (909) 626-6800 for assistance!

Always make sure you have your current email address, physical address and phone number on file with the union, so you can receive reminders about Open Enrollment and other events. If you haven’t received your Open Enrollment material in the mail, please contact us immediately so we can send it out to you.

Benefit updates and upgrades for Food Division members

Since changes approved last year by the Board of Trustees, you now get even more from your benefits.

Platinum Plan members enrolled in Kaiser have a change in their share of costs, and Platinum Plus Plan members enrolled in the Anthem HMO have a network change for mental health services. Visit the Fund website for more details or contact us with questions.

In addition to the current Indemnity Dental and Delta PPO plan offerings, a new HMO plan is available for dental.  The DeltaCare USA HMO is replacing the Prepaid Dental plan starting Jan. 1, 2024 providing a bigger network nationwide. Some of the enhanced Plan A benefits are retroactive, as well.

If you’ve already paid out of pocket for care that’s covered retroactively, you can email your claim for reimbursement to Be sure to include your name and Fund ID.

Dental upgrades: Last year, the yearly indemnity Dental Plan benefit maximum increased to $2,000 for each person, age 19 and older, who is covered by the plan. You can also now carry over up to $1,000 of unused dental benefits from 2023 into 2024.

As of last April, the plan will also provide medical coverage for dental implants. The plan will pay 70% of the scheduled allowance for dental implants that are medically and/or dentally necessary.

Vision upgrades: The annual Vision Care benefit maximum increased to $200, which helps pay for your eye exam, glasses or contacts. Plus, you can carry over up to $100 of your unused vision benefits from 2023 into 2024.

Disability Extension coverage: If you’re an eligible and enrolled Gold or Silver participant, you can receive up to six months disability extension if you meet the requirements to qualify.

Courtesy Clerks, you are eligible for benefits as of your 13th month of employment when you work the qualifying hours in the 11th month of your employment. If you’ve already worked 13 or more months, you’re eligible to enroll for benefits now.

You’ll need to fill out the required enrollment documents to receive your benefits. Watch for the packet from the Fund inviting you to enroll. Alternatively, visit the Fund’s website to register for a personal portal, and then enroll online. Once registered on the portal, address and enrollments changes are quick and easy.

Local 1428 negotiates the best benefit options for members and keeps costs reasonable. Today it is unheard of to only pay $8 per week for single medical coverage. Your union benefits have tremendous value.

I wish you and your family a happy holiday season!

Deliana can be reached at: 909-626-3333 ext. 226

Deliana services the following locations:

Dr. Spaulding Dr. Liu Dr. Thomas
Dr. Edelson-Rancho Cameron Dental