UPDATE – 8/03/2018

Who do you trust?

Rite Aid’s tricky lawyers?

Or your fellow members and elected union negotiators?

Rite Aid management wants to fool you.

That’s why they sent a private anti-union lawyer to negotiations instead of their management.

So don’t believe the misleading lawyer lies they keep handing out. Here are the facts:

Their proposed plan would:

• Cut full-time employees by 25%
• Make it harder to get health care benefits
• Exclude most employees from wage increases (notice their use of the word
“eligible” every time they talk about raises – lawyer tricks.)
• Give them the power to change benefits whenever they want
• Take away health care benefits from retiree senior citizens, leaving them with nothing. (notice this is never mentioned in their communications)

The union talked to Rite Aid’s lawyer negotiator after our vote rejecting this bad offer, and told them we want to meet – but only if they get serious about a real, fair plan.

That means a plan without tricks, cuts, and takeaways. We are aggressively trying to schedule those meetings now.

We’ve got your back. If we stand together, we’ll win. We will keep you updated about any developments.