Dear Rite Aid Member:

We know that hours have been reduced in your stores. We are hearing that some store managers have been attempting to schedule vacations for some members. 

I want to inform you of the relevant language in your union contract. Your employer does have the right to schedule a vacation for you, but must give you 30 days notice.

We also hear that some managers are scheduling members less than the minimum guarantee of hours required by the union contract.

So long as you are available to work, your manager must schedule you the minimum hours you are guaranteed, even if they don’t have the hours in their labor budget.

Your manager should not be threatening you with a layoff if you won’t work fewer hours than you are contractually guaranteed. Your contract calls for a specific process if there are going to be layoffs. Your manager doesn’t get to do a layoff on their own.

If you have having any issues with being scheduled your hours at work, please call your union rep immediately at (909) 626-3333.