October 1, 2021

Local and National Bargaining with Kaiser Permanente has concluded with no proposed contract. KP has not been bargaining in good faith and they have expressed that they are “not interested” in addressing important issues, such as scheduling, staffing, time-off, the value of seniority.

The proposed pay raise of 1% is an insult! Over the past 18+ months, KP employees have been dealing with excruciating workloads and have risked their lives while serving patients. On top of that, the proposed wage increase does not even cover the current rate of inflation. It actually results in pay-cuts!

Additionally, the proposed two-tier system for new hires impacts KP members today as well. They will have targets on their backs not only from management but from new hires who will resent doing the same work for less pay.

Effective October 1st, all UFCW members will pause participating in all Labor Management Partnership activities. A pause in partnership means that we will no longer participate in any and all LMP activities, such as UBT meetings, projects, Council meetings, Attendance, WPS, Healthy Workforce meetings and/or trainings, etc.

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We must show KP the strength of our solidarity, by joining our Alliance Unions and voting for a strike. We will take a strike vote on Tuesday, October 12 and Thursday, October 14th.

This vote is vital to your success in getting the contract you have earned and deserve.

Please communicate with your fellow members and encourage them to participate in Solidarity.